Firing lines: Sherlock spoilers, pension plans, and budget cuts

Every Friday, the Daily Texan editorial board will publish a selection of tweets and online comments culled from the Daily Texan website and the various Daily Texan Twitter accounts, along with direct submissions from readers. Our intention is to continue the tradition of the Firing Line, a column first started in the Texan in 1909, in which readers share their opinions “concerning any matter of general interest they choose.” Just like in 1909, the Texan “will never express its approval or disapproval of opinions given under the [Firing Line] header.” In other words, take your shot. Submissions can be sent to [email protected]

"Thanks for the spoilers. You should have held this until the episode aired." — Online commenter PalRogue, in response to the Life and Arts article “Sherlock Holmes’ ultimate enemy returns

"Whose idea was it to put the headline “Sherlock Holmes’ Ultimate Enemy Returns” in your newspaper??? That’s a huge spoiler for the season finale, which doesn’t air in the U.S. until next Sunday. Yes, I know you didn’t put Moriarty’s name in the headline, but everyone will know who you mean. Very thoughtless!!" — Wendy Shannon, submitted via e-mail in response to  the Life and Arts article “Sherlock Holmes’ ultimate enemy returns

"The writer of the article in the arts and life section who wrote about the Season 3 closer of Sherlock may want to check his/her dates on the episode 3 premiere. Episode 3 is not supposed to premiere until this Sunday in the United States. The writer gave away a serious spoiler for that episode." —  Katherine Teasdale, Chemistry Senior, submitted via e-mail  in response to the Life and Arts article “Sherlock Holmes’ ultimate enemy returns

"Unfunded pensions at any percentage should be illegal and pension funds should also not be allowed to be raided by any part of government. There also needs to be the ability for adjustments when the market hits records low for an extended period of time. I wish someone would guarantee 8% to me on my 401K or back my returns with tax increases. If greedy union intervention could be eliminated most pension funds would be stable." — Online commenter Mike, in response to the opinion piece “What Texans can learn from Detroit bankruptcy

“The budget cuts couldn’t have anything to do with the grand exhibit about Evolution, could it?” — Online commenter joefalco, in a response to the news article “Petitioners protest proposed budget cuts to the Texas Memorial Museum