Quotes to Note: February 7

“Yes. And state government should be sensitive to private property owners — including governmental, education, religious, health care and other institutions — to determine whether to allow open carry on their own properties.” 

— Wendy Davis in response to the AP question, “Do you support ‘open carry’ of handguns in Texas and why or why not?” 

“I’m surprised by it. I don’t think it’s a good signal to our children in this state that people can open carry something that is so dangerous and intimidating to others.”

— Frances Schenkkan, board member of Texas Gun Sense, in response to Wendy Davis’ gun control proposals. 

“If you’re with [Gov. Chris Christie], he gives you all sorts of political favors. … What’s happening in New Jersey is in a lot of respects a mirror image of what you see here in Texas with Rick Perry and Greg Abbott.”

— Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa’s response to Christie’s upcoming visit to Texas this coming Thursday. 

“If you have a lab that gives you two hours worth of credit, but you’re consistently spending five hours a week in a lab, why shouldn’t you get something that accurately represents the amount of work that went into your project? We commonly hear that from engineering and natural sciences students. It is certainly something the University should take a closer look at and be proactive on.”

— Andrew Clark, Senate of College Councils president, on the argument that students shouldn’t spend more time in class than they get credit for. 

“[We listened] to what national and regional employers are saying they really want: graduates with critical thinking skills who are quantitatively literate, can evaluate knowledge sources, understand diversity and benefit from a strong liberal arts and sciences background. This isn’t just another business degree.”

— Van Davis, director of innovations for the The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, explaining the launch of the new the Texas Affordable Baccalaureate Degree Program, an online three-year degree program that will have a total cost between $13,000 and $15,000.