Our endorsements for University-Wide Representative

Editor’s Note: Eighty-two percent of University-wide representatives responded to the Daily Texan Candidate Questionnaire. We judged the candidates based on both their performance in the Monday night debate and the quality of their written responses to our survey.

Braydon Jones — Government junior Jones performed like a political pro in the debate, and his strong grasp on important campus issues, such as Shared Services, is impressive as well. Braydon is likely the most well-qualified candidate running for University-wide representative. Strongly recommended. 

Mauricio Garcia — As a transfer student from UT-Brownsville, government senior Garcia represents two campus groups that don’t often find their way into Student Government: transfer students and students from the Valley. His concern over campus safety was well-reasoned, and he has extensive political experience from previous positions on local campaigns and in the Texas legislature.

Taral Patel — Biology sophomore Patel rightly criticized SG for focusing so heavily on toilet paper in recent legislation instead of more pressing student issues. By mentioning sexual assault at the debate, he strayed from the typical script and showed a willingness to tackle issues that campaigns tend to avoid.

Maira Jorge — Anthropology junior Jorge’s involvement on campus and the desire she expressed to eventually work in the University student affairs both demonstrate her strong commitment to UT students. She gave smart and concrete answers in support of undocumented Longhorns, for whom she would be a strong advocate. 

Lee Lueder — Plan II, business honors and finance junior Lueder spoke during the debate on requiring SG members to attend other student organization meetings, which is a smart solution to the difficult problem of making SG involved beyond its own affairs.