Horns up for Feb. 27: gay marriage ban declared unconstitutional


Horns Up:  Texas ban on gay marriage struck down

Change may come to Texas more quickly than expected: On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Orlando L. Garcia for the Western District of Texas, in San Antonio, struck down Texas’ ban on gay marriage, saying that the ban violated the U.S. Constitution. The decision comes just weeks after a similar federal court ruling in Oklahoma. LGBTQ couples in Texas will not immediately be able to wed, though. The judge issued a stay on the decision pending its inevitable appeal by state officials. If appealed, the law will head to the 5th Circuit, a notoriously conservative court. But that doesn’t shake the fact that Garcia has lent yet another strong voice supporting equal LGBTQ rights, and we’re happy that he’s taken the stance in one of the states that needs his clear reasoning most. Horns up to Garcia, who is also a UT law graduate, for a ruling that in many ways restates what’s already been decided: It’s a mistake to deny anyone the right to marriage, and we can’t let it happen for much longer. 

Horns Up: University finds ways to conserve water supply

The Daily Texan reported Wednesday that the University’s irrigation program reduced water usage 66 percent last year, which is particularly good news considering the National Weather Service’s prediction that the Texas drought will persist through at least May of this year. And now, as drought conditions continue to worsen, the University is expanding its current conservation efforts by targeting water usage in student dorms. Some initiatives include installing light timers, low-flow toilets and shower heads and faucets that can be installed even in older campus residences. Considering the size of our campus, it’s safe to say that every little bit of conservation helps. So horns up to the University for continuing to focus on conserving our dwindling water supply.