We asked: Did you vote in the Texas primaries?

Editor’s Note: The 2014 Texas primary election occurred Tuesday, March 4. On Thursday, we hit the West Mall and asked students whether they had voted in the elections. Below are some of the responses. 

Noah Hayden is a radio-television-film junior. 

Daily Texan: Do you have any thoughts about Tuesday’s primaries? Did you vote? 

Noah Hayden: I didn’t vote, because I felt that the parties were too strongly divided between conservative and liberal, and in order to vote liberal, you necessarily have to vote democrat. And I agree with the republican party up to an extent, but I’m not so far right that I’m willing to be a registered republican.

DT: You know in the primaries you just vote in one party or the other; you’re not voting between the two parties. 

NH: I actually didn’t know. 

DT: So you’re not planning on voting in the general election in the fall?

NH: No, I vote in the general elections, but when it comes to the primaries, I just don’t consider myself … I don’t think that I’m educated enough to make a good decision.

Lauren Moore is a speech/language pathology senior.

Daily Texan: Did you vote in the primaries Tuesday?

Lauren Moore: Like for Austin?

DT: Just the primary elections.

Moore: No.

DT: Why didn’t you vote? What was your thought process?

Moore: I really don’t know. I don’t think I even knew it was on Tuesday. I thought you were talking about the UT Student Government ones, but you’re not talking about that … That was last week. Because that one was all over campus, and that was crazy, so maybe that’s why I didn’t do it.

Kevin Yutani is a biology junior.

Daily Texan: Did you vote in the primary elections Tuesday?

Kevin Yutani: Yes, I did.

DT: Why did you vote?

KY: I saw on Facebook one of the ads for Kurt and, uh … what was the other name? Do you remember? It was Kurt and … It was Kurt and then some girl whose last name starts with an ‘r.’ I saw their video and I really liked what it said. A bunch of people were sharing it and saying why they liked their message and what they were trying to do for the campus. I agreed. It’s not something I’d seen on campus before. They have completely different ideas that I would like to see implemented. So that’s why I voted.

DT: What position were they running for?

KY: For president and vice president.

DT: Primary elections are not the Student Government elections.

KY: Oh … so like the real ones. I’m confused. I’m sorry.

DT: So you didn’t know about that?

KY: No, I registered to vote a couple weeks ago, but I’ve been busy and I forgot.

DT: Do you know what primary elections are?

KY: Yes, like the parties. Like representative for governor.

DT: So are you planning on voting in the general election in the fall?

KY: Yes. I very much want Perry out. And I know he’s not running, and I want to be part of whoever’s next.

DT: Do you know who’s running for governor

KY: Wendy Davis and … I don’t remember the other guy’s name.