Rust Cohle’s Guide to SXSW

Jack Ken

The first time I came to Austin, I was working undercover. It was here that I discovered time is a flat circle. I think some of you Daily Texan readers might enjoy some of my recommendations for this year’s SXSW. Take heed. I might be dead in the next few days — Sunday at 8 p.m. Central.


I’m a Texas boy so I have to recommend Billy Joe Shaver. Be there when he sings “Live Forever.” Remember that death is only the beginning, so — rejoice.



Go see “Joe.” The description calls it “a gripping mix of friendship, violence and redemption in the contemporary South.” And it stars Nicholas Cage, Generation X’s Humphrey Bogart. What more could you ask for?

Also check out “Faults.” It deals with a man hired to kidnap a couple’s brainwashed daughter from a cult. I have extensive experience with daughters, brainwashing and cults, so this one is a no-brainer. Bring a case of Lonestar and your foot-long moleskin.



Y’all have to see the Edward Snowden live stream. As a fellow conspiracy buster, I can say that all you biological puppets will have a good time listening to him talk. He’s a good guy to sit down and have a beer with and maybe swap damning evidence and talk about futility.