Horns Down for March 19: Stolen computers and regent drama


Horns Down: $55,000 worth of MacBooks still missing 

On Tuesday, The Daily Texan reported that UTPD has yet to make an arrest in the case of the $55,000 worth of new Apple MacBooks that were stolen from the main building more than four weeks ago. In fact, UTPD has failed to offer any new information about the theft at all, with spokeswoman Cindy Posey asserting that it’s her “guess that it probably is still in the investigation phase.” It’s disturbing that such a high-profile crime could go unsolved for so long, and the lack of an arrest raises serious questions about campus security. Granted, Posey said that she was “pretty sure [large-scale theft] doesn’t happen very often” on campus, but the unusual nature of the crime makes it that more frustrating that UTPD has, as of yet, been mum on the progress of the case.

Horns Down: All eyes are on Wallace Hall, again

An email from Paul Foster, the UT System Board of Regents chairman, that the Dallas Morning News obtained signals that Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa may have been pushed to resign by Regent Wallace Hall’s criticism of Cigarroa’s work in the weeks leading up to his resignation. This comes just months after Hall, who is under review for potential impeachment, went through a full-blown investigation for overstepping his role as regent. This is yet another example of Hall’s efforts to be involved in and critical of all system activities, though no one is asking him to. Unfortunately, Hall’s actions — no matter how small — will continue to dominate the conversation of system news, despite far more pressing issue such as setting tuition, establishing the Dell Medical School and a legislative session, although months away, which threatens to cut even more state funds for the University.