Quotes to Note for March 24: Study abroad, Moody offers TSM funding, stealth dorm complications


Shweta Gulati

Roderick Hart, Dean of the Moody College of Communications, speaks at the Texas Student Media board meeting.

“Moody will have a viable business plan in place by fall of 2017 that will put TSM on road for success.” 

—Moody College of Communication Dean Roderick Hart on The Daily Texan finances discussed at the Texas Student Media annual budget meeting this past Friday.

“E-cigarettes are not currently regulated by the FDA and there is not sufficient safety information available to address bystanders’ concerns of being exposed to e-cigarette vapors.”

—Adrienne Howarth-Moore, director of UT’s Human Resource Services on the University tobacco ban extending to e-cigarettes.

“[What] concerns me the most is that any restrictions we put on people being able to live together in single-family houses is going to put the biggest restrictions on students, not the people who are building the stealth dorms,” 

—Austin city councilman Bill Spelman on the council’s vote in support of restrictions on “stealth dorms” occupancy limits. 

“Do I wish I could eliminate tensions between UT-Austin and the system and the Legislature and the board? Yeah. But we’ve been able to move the ball forward.”

Former UT Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa     

“Though we’ve seen progress in reducing reliance on incarceration for these behaviors, far too many youth are placed in secure detention for crimes that pose no threat to public safety….”

—Marc Levin, director of the Center for Effective Justice and co-author of a Texas Public Policy Foundation report on minor detention. 

“The added complication of the Crimea crisis … certainly weighed on my decision, but it was the low [participation] that persuaded me to postpone this year’s program.”

—Slavic languages and literature associate professor Thomas Garza responding to UT’s cancelled study abroad programs caused by tensions in Ukraine.