SG holds final meeting before new leaders take office

Hayden Clark

Student Government held it’s last meeting in Horacio Villarreal’s and Ugeo Williams’ tenures as SG president and vice president on Tuesday.

Kori Rady, government and corporate communications senior, and Taylor Strickland, corporate communications junior, will be sworn in as president and vice presdent at next week’s SG meeting. Williams said the transition will be a little emotional and pointed out that students around the University are also doing good deeds.

“Next week, we have to comeback for [Rady and Strickland] to be sworn in and that’s something that we have to do,” Williams said. “[Villarreal] was texting me during the meeting telling me just, you know, how it is bittersweet and it is, but, at the same time there’s so much more that is — that could be done and there’s so many students on this campus that are doing great things too.”

Villarreal was not in attendance at the meeting.

Also at the meeting, Sanger Learning Center director Michelle Jewell said the center offered 93,000 hours of instruction to 27,000 students during the 2012-2013 academic school year. Jewell also said the center expanded its appointment tutoring to upper division courses this year as part of an SG initiative.

“One of our largest divisions [at the center] is tutoring, amongst that is appointment tutoring in about seventy or so difficult courses,” Jewell said. “One of those programs supported the initiative by [the SG] president this year to offer more tutoring for certain upper division courses because appointment tutoring has traditionally been for sort of lower level core courses.”

Jewell said that the achievements are due largely in part to the fellow student teachers and tutors who work for the center.

“The real reason why the Sanger Learning Center can provide these sort of opportunities to you and your fellow UT students is because of the 255 or so peer educators who work for us,” she said.

Braydon Jones, SG Executive Board chief of staff, updated his effort to create new logos for various student agencies.

“As of April 2013, when I took this position, I promised that by the time that I was done we would have seventeen new agency logos. Well we didn’t quite meet seventeen. We did get 12, and I have five to go,” Jones said.

Jones said he plans to work alongside the new chief of staff to complete the rest of the logos.

“Once [Rady and Strickland] choose the next chief, my job is to have their permission to kind of work with them and finish the last five,” Jones said.