Students bring abandoned flower bed back to life

Zachary Keener

While Jester East Dormitory loomed overhead, members of Brackenridge, Roberts, and Prather Residence Hall Council planted flowers in the the courtyard shared by the dormitories this past Sunday. 

Nick Vasquez, president of the BRP Residence Hall Council, said there were only vines, a small tree and bricks lying under the soil before the council decided to install a variety of plants in the bed. 

Nathan Kelly, civil engineering freshman and vice president of the council, spearheaded the project. Kelly said he wanted the project to be something different than most other events sponsored by residence halls.

“It’s another way to grab the eye of someone who doesn’t want to go do a video game night,” Kelly said.

Kelly received shovels and rakes from John Burns, manager in the Department of Facilities Services, and purchased the flowers for $80.

Vasquez said he wants a project like this to inspire more people to become active in the BRP community, in which he has seen a lack of student involvement.

“My goal, hopefully, is to show people it doesn’t matter who you are or what kind of background you come from,” Vasquez said. “You can still contribute to the community, and, hopefully, that contribution to the community will help to build a stronger community.”

Joshua Nguyen, Brackenridge resident assistant and biochemistry junior, helped advertise the event.

“When we were doing it, people were passing us by,” Nguyen said. “It showed that we, as people who live at BRP, care about BRP. We want the community to strive — to thrive.”

Vasquez and Kelly said they hope the garden is something that can grow into a larger, annual event at BRP.

“I think it brings a greater sense of community because you’re actually doing something physical,” Vasquez said. “And [it’s] something you can show you helped improve your community through.”