Cornerback Carrington Byndom and others impress scouts at Pro Timing Day

Jeremy Thomas

Longhorns eligible for the upcoming draft displayed their talents in front of NFL scouts Wednesday at the team’s Pro Timing Day.

Senior cornerback Carrington Byndom was among the players who impressed scouts. Byndom ran a 4.37 40-time. He was not invited to participate in the NFL Scouting Combine in February.

“I had to come out today with a lot to prove and today was my day to kind of show everybody what I can do and what I’m capable of,” Byndom said. “I think a lot of scouts had me running a lot slower than that, so to come out and run that is really good. I could have done a little bit better on my position work, but there’s still time for that. But overall, pretty good day.”

Byndom said he has heard rumors about where or if he will be drafted in May.

“I can’t really listen to all that,” Byndom said. “If my name gets called, then my name gets called. If it doesn’t, then let’s see if we can make a team.”

Senior defensive lineman Jackson Jeffcoat posted high numbers at the combine with his 4.63 40-time and his 36-inch vertical jump. He only participated in the bench press Wednesday because he said he did not think he performed well with it in Indianapolis. 

“I went out there and showed I was in shape, showed that I’ve been working,” Jeffcoat said. “The goal was to show that I can move in space, change direction and show that I can play defensive end and outside linebacker. When it comes down to it, they want to see my film and they want to see me move out here.”

Senior wide receiver Mike Davis said he thought he could have done better.

“I’m just shooting for whoever calls me,” Davis said. “I feel scouts know who I am. I take pride in my route-running ability. As a receiver, I’ll be able to separate, and I feel like I can do that really well and I can play inside and outside.”

Senior safety Adrian Phillips said, from what he was told, Longhorn Network clocked his 40-time at a 4.37, but the scouts measured his time at a 4.44. 

“My fieldwork was exceptional,” Phillips said. “I think I did really well on that. I dropped the ball. I was mad about that. I wanted to go perfect on that. Other than that, I feel like everything I came out and showed what I was and did my best and hopefully the scouts like it.”

Senior defensive tackle Chris Whaley returned to the Pro Timing Day after he suffered a season-ending knee injury in the West Virginia game last year. Whaley only participated in the bench press, and he said he maxed out at 22 reps at 225 pounds. Whaley measured in at the Pro Timing Day at 6-feet-3-inches, 273 pounds, nearly 30 pounds lighter than he was while he played last year. He said he was happy he lost weight during the process of his recovery.

“I kind of started running a little bit, and it’s progressing really good,” Whaley said. “I got all my range and motion back. Not all the flexibility back yet, but it‘s close and it’s getting there and I am about a month ahead of schedule.”