Friday firing lines: Five-star recruit Myles Turner

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I was hoping to get an explanation as to why a university-endorsed publication would publish articles dissuading an elite athlete from attending said university. I’m not sure if this is a troll job to get more people to read The Daily Texan, but if so, it worked today. However, if this is the type of content I can consistently expect from your publication, the troll tactic will not work again.

— Aaron Gregg, via email in response to the Evan Berkowitz's column “Why five-star recruit Myles Turner should not choose Texas”


I was beyond amazed when my friends told me that a student writing for The Daily Texan posted an article berating the University. In fact, I had to read the article myself to believe it. In Mr. Berkowitz’s article “Why five-star recruit Myles Turner should not choose Texas,” Berkowitz suggests that:

1) Longhorn fans do not care about basketball

2) Basketball gets little to no attention in Austin

3) Rick Barnes is an inferior coach.

I will not dignify Mr. Berkowitz’s dishonest journalism with responses to these ill-conceived points — it is not worth my time. Honest to goodness, I have absolutely no idea what Mr. Berkowitz is trying to accomplish with this article, other than calling The University of Texas an inferior school. Presumably, Mr. Berkowitz is a Longhorn, writing to other Longhorns. Given this assumption — and I haven’t quite ruled out that Mr. Berkowitz is an Aggie or Sooner — there is absolutely no legitimate reason as to why he should bad-mouth his own school. 

I am deeply distressed — even hurt by this article, and I — as well as a lot of people that I know — expect nothing less than a formal apology on the part of Mr. Berkowitz and on the part of The Daily Texan. Truly, The Daily Texan should be ashamed for approving this article. 

— Ben Danna, via email in response to Evan Berkowitz's column “Why five-star recruit Myles Turner should not choose Texas”