Houston Texans Mock Draft 2.0

Nick Castillo

As the NFL Draft draws near the Houston Texans are in an interesting position with the first overall pick.

The Texans could use a quarterback but many scouts believe that defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is worthy of the top draft spot. Clowney or a quarterback would address one of Houston’s needs but it depends on who it deems worthy of being drafted. Along with a quarterback and defensive lineman, the Texans need offensive line help, an outside linebacker, an additional running back and a defensive back.

Here is our second Houston Texans mock draft for the first four rounds:

Pick No. 1: QB Blake Bortles (UCF)

Many NFL analysts have the Texans drafting highly-touted defensive end Jadeveon Clowney with the number one draft pick but I’m skeptical of that. Clowney has some work ethic concerns and at times has looked lazy.

On top of that, the Texans need a quarterback. Unless Houston wants to enter the season with Case Keenum as its starting quarterback, it would be wise for the Texans to draft a quarterback here.

In our first mock draft, the Texans drafted Johnny Manziel but since then Blake Bortles has emerged as the best quarterback in the draft.

If the Texans choose to draft a quarterback with their first pick, Blake Bortles would be the perfect fit.

Pick No. 33: OLB Kyle Van Noy (BYU)

Kyle Van Hoy was a key to BYU’s defense. Van Noy played a major factor in BYU’s games against Wisconsin and Texas – he had a combined sixteen tackles, three tackles for loss, a sack and an interception in those games.

Van Noy would be a nice addition to the Texans already solid front seven. Van Noy would also be a nice compliment to the Texans’ star defensive end, JJ Watt.

Pick No. 65: OT Cyril Richardson (Baylor)

The Texans’ quarterbacks had defenders in their faces way too often last season. The offensive line struggled to stop opposing teams’ pass rush.

The Texans need some help protecting their quarterback and Cyril Richardson could be someone the they look to grab in the third round.

Richardson had a poor showing in the Senior Bowl which has dropped him to the third round. He has perfect size and strength for a tackle. The only concern is his ability to block speed rushers.

Pick No. 101 S CJ Barnett (Ohio State)

After a terrible defensive year, Houston could use help in the secondary. With its pick in the fourth round, Houston should consider addressing its need for a defensive back.

If the Texans decided to draft a defender, safety CJ Barnett is worthy of consideration. Barnett is an aggressive safety but doesn’t have great footwork. But in the fourth round, Barnett could be a good addition to a reeling defense.

Pick No. 135 RB Lache Seastrunk (Baylor)

After losing back-up running Ben Tate, Houston could use an additional running back. The NFL awarded the Texans an additional fourth round pick and with that pick they should take running back Lache Seastrunk.

Although Seastrunk could have stayed at Baylor an additional year to develop, the Texans would give Seastrunk an opportunity to learn from star running back Arian Foster and have a back-up role for him.

Seastrunk has tremendous speed and would be a solid addition to Houston’s backfield.