Dobie Center begins renovations

Hayden Clark

Dobie Center started renovating its movie theater and gym Wednesday as part of its $4 million improvement project, which is scheduled to be completed by the fall semester, according to the center’s general manager Matthew Bryant.

Dobie Center, a private dormitory located on the corner of 21st and Guadalupe streets that was built in 1972, is owned by the Carlton Group, a New York-based real estate investment-banking firm.

Bryant said Dobie will renovate its hallways, cafeteria, game room, fitness room and other areas where students congregate, as well as add new furniture in the residence rooms.

“We’re doing new furniture in the rooms — new desks, new beds, new desk chairs, ergonomic chairs — so the students can study,” Bryant said “It’s a better chair than a older 20-year-old chair. It’s furniture and fixtures that will make [the students’] experience more comfortable while they’re here.”

Sebastian Lopez, an international relations junior and a resident assistant at the center, said he expects that students will welcome the renovations, and he believes they will positively affect their academic experience. 

“I’m sure [students will be] a lot happier, a lot more comfortable and that will definitely turn into a lot more satisfaction with their school, with their daily lives and transfer into their classrooms, and be a lot more relaxed and a lot less stressed out because they have a really comfortable environment to live in,” Lopez said.

Bryant said multiple companies are involved in the renovations because of all the work that will be done.

“There’s different companies that will be doing different parts because it’s so vast what’s going to be done,” Bryant said.

International relations sophomore Joshua Skobel, who is a resident at Dobie, said he would like to see the rooms and bathrooms upgraded.

“For a dorm, it’s pretty good,” Skobel said. “It kind of has an old feeling to it, so maybe if they just [used] new paint just to kind of make it seem a little fresher then it might go a long way.”