Multimedia editor writes his first and last headline

Alec Wyman

The Daily Texan was given to me. I applied to be a staff videographer on a whim per the recommendation of longtime friend Demi Adejuyigbe. He had explained the incredible festival access, notable work experience and warm office environment. He hadn’t explained how to find a story, collaborate with reporters or how exactly a video department fits into a newspaper — a question I still cannot answer.

The Daily Texan also gave back. It gave me a truly talented, hard-working group of videographers and the opportunity to facilitate their growth as filmmakers and journalists. Instead of thinking back on how I failed to get more than one person to cover the state primaries, my mind will drift first to how quickly Dan and Carlo jumped at the opportunity to drive to Fort Hood. Before I remember the time I threw my back out in the photo pit at Childish Gambino’s concert, I’ll remember the undying love that Brenda showered on me at every available moment. Finally, I don’t think I’ll ever forget Bryce’s unprecedented ability to make any type of video in an insane amount of time or Jackie’s instinctive drive to work on stories that truly matter.

To Shabab Siddiqui and Elisabeth Dillon, thank you for your constant support and for dealing with my obnoxious outbursts at budget. To John Massingill, it is impossible to quantify the joy you have brought into my life. To all department heads, fall and spring, thanks for putting up with how frequently I pestered you and your reporters. To Michael Brick, you have been an invaluable source of wisdom and guidance during my tenure as multimedia editor. 

To Charlie, Sam, Pu and Chelsea, I appreciate your immense dedication to the multimedia department over the years and that you always encouraged photo staff to shoot beautifully composed videos for me. To all of my videographers, it is difficult for me to express how proud you have all made me over the past year. I am a better person for having known and worked with you all. 

To the multimedia couch, you are a beacon of hope; may your light shine on and provide blissful naps for multimedia staff into the distant future.

I don’t have any more words. My writing skills have never matched up to those of the absurdly talented staff of this newspaper. So I will be leaving this beloved, sunlight-stealing basement with this: The Daily Texan was given to me. I’ll be taking it with me for the rest of my life.