Fourth of July summer playlist

David Glickman

Most of you will probably be spending your Fourth of July next to a pool or grill with friends and fireworks. But these patriotic, summertime gatherings are incomplete if they’re not soundtracked by the right songs. The Daily Texan made a playlist of 10 songs to listen to while drinking beer and eating hot dogs this Independence Day. 

“Lust for Life” by Girls 

It takes guts to nick a song title from Iggy Pop, but Girls earned it when they made “Lust for Life”. Christopher Owen is able to spin poetry from the most mundane desires, amplified by one of the catchiest guitar riffs of the last decade. 

“Beach Comber” by Real Estate

Real Estate’s greatest gift will always be its mastery of nostalgia. “Beach Comber” is one of those songs that feels like it has existed for decades, a song that always comes on the radio during July if its tuned to just the right station.  

“Holiday” by Weezer

Before Weezer became a parody of themselves, they released classic albums such as The Blue Album, 10 tracks of alt-rock so great its influence can be heard on practically every indie rock album released these days. “Holiday” is one of the brightest spots on the album, the cathartic joy of running away with someone you like.

“Kim & Jessie” by M83

M83 has always written gigantic, anthemic pieces of synthpop, but “Kim & Jessie” manages to sound bigger than all of them. The synths are explosive, the song builds and climaxes again and again, and feels epic like few songs do these days.

“Dance Yrself Clean” by LCD Soundsystem

For all the creativity and intelligence LCD Soundsystem put into its songs, it’s easy to forget that it was first and foremost a dance band. “Dance Yrself Clean” is the perfect hybrid of these two modes, a dazzling display of buildup and climax that is as euphoric as it is body moving.

“How Long Have You Known” by DIIV

When DIIV released Oshin two years ago, it unintentionally made one of the best summer albums ever, with “How Long Have You Known” being its centerpiece. Through hazy production and guitar lines that feel like they could go on forever, DIIV capture that feeling of summer days eternal feelings.

“Gold Soundz” by Pavement

The indie rock summer song to end all indie rock summer songs. In less than three minutes, Steven Malkmus and co. manage to capture everything that is bright and wonderful about summer, through perfectly ringing guitars and Malkmus’ weightless yet memory catching vocals. It feels just as important and unimportant as this time of year actually is. 

“I Love You Like the Way I Used To Do” by Rocketship

If there was any justice in the world “I Love You Like the Way I Used to Do” would have been the biggest song of the summer when it came out in 1996. It is one of the sweetest and most enduring pieces of indie pop ever created, as bright and shiny as it was when it was made 18 years ago.

"Seasons (Waiting On You)" by Future Islands

Future Islands have been making excellent, emotive synthpop for nearly a decade, but they might have hit their peak with "Seasons (Waiting On You)." A gorgeous, constantly building track contrasting personallity to time, "Seasons" is a soaring piece of pop perfection, stunning in its euphoria, the lingering sense of doubts be damned.

“Losing You” by Solange

One of the most well-known secrets in music is that Solange makes music just as great as her big sister Beyoncé. “Losing You” is as smooth as silk, a complete love letter to’ ’80s pop that manages to transcend those lingering cliches of that era. Never has doubt and longing sounded so fun.

“Fourth of July” by Galaxie 500

Galaxie 500 never sounded bigger than with “Fourth of July.” Channeling every ounce of its Velvet Underground love into one of the best indie rock songs ever, Galaxie 500 created something euphoric with this song. To be listened to when the fireworks are going off.