Trips to and from Prague broaden cultural horizons

John Menefee

Of all the memories that I have had during my study abroad trip to Prague, the greatest moment of the trip wasn’t even in Prague. The best thing about the trip has been the freedom to explore different cities in Europe. On the first evening after arriving in Prague, a group of us took a midnight train to Munich, mainly because the tickets were cheap, and there was nothing holding us back. In just a few hours, we arrived in Munich in the wee hours before the city woke up. Our 5:30 a.m. arrival made it easier to see plenty of sights before the crowds of the day had even started forming. We watched a city that was brand new to us transform from bare streets into a chaotic cluster of people exploring the town and lining up at the outdoor markets and beer halls. Although we were only in Munich for two days, we managed to pack the short time with more activities than I thought would be possible. With walking tours, exploring the German Olympic arenas and visiting every restaurant that had been recommended to us, sleep was a second priority. I definitely feel as though I have gained an understanding of some culture and history of the city. My other weekend destinations have been Budapest, Amsterdam and Krakow. The short time I have had in Europe has all been non-stop and jam-packed with new experiences every day.

Menefee is an accounting senior from Fort Worth.