Jaunt to Seville opens eyes

Taylor Griffin

I’m spending my summer studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, and what’s great about being in the city is the opportunity to travel easily throughout the rest of the country! For a little weekend excursion, my friends and I took a train to Seville, which is located on the southern coast of Spain.

My favorite part about this city from the beginning was the small-city feel; Barcelona is huge and provides more of a modern, busy environment while Seville was more traditional and a lot more relaxing. We stayed on the edge of the city and were a little concerned about getting to things, but as it turns out we were able to walk everywhere. My second favorite thing was the food. The food there was amazing, and we definitely treated ourselves. “Tapas,” small starter-like dishes, are very popular here so most of our meals were split and shared. One of my favorite places was called Coloniales; I highly recommend stopping in! Also the gelato, had to get gelato. We hit most of the tourist spots, and a map with the big monuments marked really helped plan the weekend once we arrived. The Cathedral of Seville is worth waiting in line for. It is huge, beautiful and has an amazing view of the entire city from the tower. Another must-see is the historic bull ring, Plaza de Toros, where you can take a short tour and see the arena where live bull fights are still fought today! The entire building is burgundy, yellow and white so the colors combined with the sky made for unreal pictures. The entire city is beautiful, and there are blue and white tiles everywhere!

Overall, Seville really blew all of my expectations out of the water, and I was sad to leave. I think it was important to see how the local people live in a smaller city and to experience the culture and history of Seville. I really enjoyed seeing a different side of Spain, too. I’m glad I studied abroad because I am able to have weekends like this, but I have also learned a lifetime’s worth in just five short weeks; studying abroad was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Griffin is a public relations junior from Fort Worth.