Big 12 rebrands itself heading into 2014 football season

Nick Castillo

The Big 12 conference has given itself a new look featuring a more modern logo and a new slogan: "One True Champion."

With the lack of a conference championship game, the Big 12 has made a conscious effort to emphasize its round robin style of play in its rebrand. One true champion emerges in the Big 12 and the conference has made that very clear in its slogan.

“After adopting ‘One True Champion’ as your moniker you have to go out and win some games,” Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said. “And we are certainly going to try and do that.”

The new slogan comes amidst a new era in college football with the advent of the college football playoff. The phrase is the Big 12’s way of proving itself, despite concerns that the playoff committee may not give the conference the respect it deserves.

But with a round robin system in place, Baylor coach Art Briles believes that the Big 12 champion will get a spot in the final four.

“You go 9-0 in the Big 12, you're going to be in the Final Four,” Briles said. “That's a résumé that's good enough to match any other conference.”

Alongside the new moniker, the Big 12 has a new logo for the upcoming season.  Although it keeps the conference’s signature roman numerals, it’s a sleeker, more modern adaptation.

The logo was designed by Austin advertising firm GSD&M. The design process has been in the works for many years, Bowlsby said.

Although the Big 12 only has 10 teams, Bowlsby said that there is merit to keeping same name.

“The question has frequently been asked ‘why XII since you only have one-zero’ and the answer is we're numerically challenged,” he said. “But we think there's some real value and cache in the Big 12, not only the Big 12 artwork, but in the 20 year history of our league.”

As the new athletic year approaches, the Big 12’s rebrand will be everywhere – basketball courts, football fields, baseball and softball outfields and on uniforms.

For the Big 12, this is their ‘mark of one true champion.’