Flyers use Student Government logo in unofficial capacity

Eleanor Dearman

Anti-sexting flyers using an unsanctioned version of Student Government’s logo were hung across campus Tuesday. 

The flyers read “Respect your body. Stop posting boobs on unseen” with the Unseen app logo crossed out in the center. The SG logo was placed on the bottom left corner of each flyer with the words “student conservatives” next to it.

Unseen is an app targeted toward college students that allows users to share photos anonymously. The app is often associated with the sharing of sexually explicit photos and content.

The maker of the flyer is unknown, and the name “student conservatives” does not appear in the list of registered student organizations.

Chris Jordan, SG chief of staff, said he is unaware of the flyer’s source, but they are not officially related with SG in any way.

“At this time, we are really not sure where those came from,” Jordan said. “They are not being used in any official capacity. They certainly weren’t printed with any of the exec board’s consent.”

According to Jordan, using a SG logo without consent has happened in the past and could have consequences.

“It does bare some implications as far as the Dean of Students is concerned if it was done by a registered student organization, or even some legal considerations if it was done by a individual student,” Jordan said.