Committee publishes report on technology commercialization

Alex Wilts

The Technology Commercialization Committee published a report Wednesday that discussed ways to improve the commercialization of technology developed at the University.

The committee was formed based on recommendations produced in “Smarter Systems for a Greater UT,” a report compiled by a group of 13 alumni and business leaders to examine the University’s business operations.

The committee’s recommendations included creating a web-based portal to allow people not affiliated with UT to benefit from its “intellectual capital” and adding two licensing associate positions to the Office of Technology Commercialization to increase the capacity of its licensing team.

Juan Sanchez, chairman of the committee and vice president for research, said in an email that the licensing team is responsible for protecting and promoting intellectual property developed by faculty and students. 

The report also recommended the creation of a commercialization and entrepreneurship council, which would consist of deans from schools and colleges whose faculty members are engaged in technological research and entrepreneurship.

“Although the primary role of the council will be to provide strategic guidance in commercialization and entrepreneurship activities across campus, it will also develop mechanisms for avoiding, decreasing or resolving actual and potential conflicts relating to University commercialization and entrepreneurship activities,” the report stated.

According to the report, it will also be the council’s role to facilitate ideas and innovative thinking.

“The intention of the recommendations is not to centralize entrepreneurial activities, which at present are quite healthy across campus,” Sanchez said.