UTPD investigating missing $20,000 from North Texas football game

Natalie Sullivan

About $20,000 in concession sales were unaccounted for after the Aug. 30 football game at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium.

According to UTPD spokeswoman Cindy Posey, two nonprofit groups arrived to sell concessions during the game against the University of North Texas but left at the end of the day without submitting their sales.

Sam Wells, director of media relations for Sodexo, the company in charge of the stadium’s concession sales, said they follow certain procedures for coordinating with nonprofit groups. 

“There’s usually a supervisor who’s responsible for overseeing nonprofit sales groups and making sure sales are turned in at the end of the day,” Wells said. 

Posey said the theft is still under investigation and did not provide any information on whether UTPD will take precautions to prevent a similar situation from occurring at future games. 

According to Wells, the stadium earns about $3 million per year in concession sales from its combined sports.

Wells said a range of nonprofit organizations, including church groups and marching bands, staffed concession stands last year and contributed $500,000 to the total earnings. 

Girl Scouts concessions coordinator Stacy Knight, who oversees concession sales for the Girl Scouts of Central Texas, said the money her troops earn from selling concessions at University football events is turned directly into a specific room during and after games.

“There’s a cash room guarded by a security guard at all times, and that’s where we turn sales in after games,” Knight said. 

Nonprofit groups who help with sales usually take home about 10 percent of their profits, while the rest goes to the University, according to Knight.

Knight’s troops set up four stands inside the stadium and typically earn between $1,500 and $2,000 per game.