Two buildings evacuated because of pulled fire alarms

Natalie Sullivan

Students were evacuated after two fire alarms went off in Parlin Hall and Calhoun Hall on Tuesday morning. 

According to Roosevelt Easley, safety specialist with UT Fire Prevention Services, the two alarms were pulled around 11 a.m.

“We had two [fire alarms] activated — one in Parlin and one in Calhoun,” Easley said. “The one in Parlin was in the middle stairwell on the first floor, and the one in Calhoun was on the east side third floor.”

Easley said the two alarms were set off one after the other, with the one in Parlin being pulled first.

UTPD officers didn’t find any signs of fire when they investigated both buildings, leading them to conclude it was a false alarm, Easley said.

“We don’t have any way of knowing who did it unless somebody saw them, but there was no fire or smoke in either building,” Easley said.

English sophomore Trey Gustafson said he was about to give a presentation in his literature class when the alarm went off. 

“Right when class was supposed to start, the alarm went off, and they made everyone come out of the building,” Gustafson said. “I was supposed to give a presentation today in class, but now I get a delay, so I’m happy with that.”

UTPD officers gave the all-clear and allowed students back into the buildings at 11:20 a.m.