Burglaries increase in neighborhoods near UT campus

Natalie Sullivan

Daytime residential burglaries in West Campus and North Campus have increased over the past few weeks, according to the Austin Police Department.

APD senior officer Veneza Bremner said there have been six residential burglaries in the West and North campus areas from Aug. 24 to Sept. 26. 

According to Bremner, the burglaries occurred mostly between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., and the residences were left unlocked in all cases. 

Bremner said students can take certain common sense safety precautions to prevent daytime burglaries. 

“Lock your doors and windows, and close blinds, curtains and shades so that criminals cannot see inside your residence,” Bremner said. “Talk with your neighbors and ask them to call in if they see suspicious persons or suspicious activity.”

UTPD statistics report around two to three burglaries per month. In 2013, UTPD reported 41 burglaries total.

English junior Luyou Sun, who lives in West Campus, said her friend was robbed when she left her apartment door unlocked last year. 

“She came back after school and noticed that the TV was gone,” Sun said. “The only things they stole were a TV, which cost about $2,000, and a pair of women’s shoes.”

Sun said she thinks students have generally become better at protecting their belongings, especially after a string of burglaries in West Campus in 2012.

“I think, after you have something stolen once, you’re not going to have it happen again,” Sun said. “I’m generally more cautious now.”