Reader says leftism is cause of high tuition

Avrum Hirsh

[Thomas K. Lindsay’s Monday column] was interesting and well written. Thank you. However, I think this article shows why so many students waste much of their money on tuition at these universities. Among many other faults there are no requirements for taking basic courses in free market capitalism. Universities today are, in general, leftist indoctrination mills teaching such foolishness like the greatness of ever-more government control and the modern welfare state.

Understanding economics and the moral greatness of capitalism is one of the most important things for an American to gain from college. Costs at these colleges is obviously a complex issue, but one of the core reasons for the high cost is government. I think you young people generally don’t see how the American revolution is being undone by this Leftist value system of Big Government and small citizen, statism versus individual liberty. College tuition is just part of its widespread destructiveness.