Men’s athletics director says athletic ticket sales increased from last year

With our fall sports well under way, I would like to thank all University of Texas supporters — especially the students — for the energy you bring on gameday. Fans are the lifeblood of our teams, and our more than 500 student-athletes thrive off of the spirit and the passion you bring to the stands. Each student-athlete works hard to compete for a championship every year, and the fans’ support continues to motivate them toward the next win. 

Our student body support this year has been especially strong. In reference to the recent report in The Daily Texan, let me clarify that there were different types of the Longhorn All-Sports Package (LASP) for students to purchase in the past. This year, The Big Ticket season ticket plan replaced all forms of the LASP. So far in 2014, Big Ticket sales show a 3.5 percent increase compared to last year’s LASP season ticket sales. The total number of Big Ticket packages sold is now at more than 17,400. 

Because Texas Athletics realizes student support is so critical, we work to give students the best ticket options we can provide. The single ticket option with The Big Ticket allows Texas Athletics to keep the cost down while offering the greatest value possible to the highest number of students. The number of events students have access to with The Big Ticket comes out to an average cost of less than $2 per event, which is right at or less than what other Big 12 schools charge their students. Additionally, all students who purchase The Big Ticket have a reserved seat at each home Texas Football game.

I encourage all students to continue to support our teams throughout the year. If there is a team you have not yet watched on the Forty Acres, now is the time to go! Grab a friend and help show everyone what Texas is all about. 

— Steve Patterson, men’s athletics director, in response to the August 29 article titled “‘The Big Ticket’ sales down compared to LASP”.