State Sen. Wendy Davis cancels campus campaign stop

Jackie Wang

State Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, canceled a planned tour stop on campus for her gubernatorial campaign Monday because of inclement weather in the Houston area.

Davis, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, planned to speak to students on campus to kick off her “Expose Greg Abbott’s Cover-Up” tour. According to her campaign, Davis is planning to discuss the role of Greg Abbott, attorney general and Republican gubernatorial candidate, in the Texas Enterprise Fund on her tour. A state audit of the fund in late September criticized its lack of oversight. Abbott has denied any wrongdoing.

Students had filed into the SAC Ballroom and packed around the stage with a Texas flag and a 7-by-8-foot “Wendy Davis for Texas,” sign. Megan Klein, the deputy field director of Battleground Texas Austin, informed the crowd Davis was stranded in Houston because of weather. Klein said Davis would come back during early voting to speak on campus.

While Davis has visited the campus and the Austin areas during her gubernatorial campaign, she did not stop at the University during a college tour in September.

At the event, public relations sophomore Olivia Arredondo said she came to the event to see Davis speak because she’s never seen her in person.

“I’m on her mailing list, so I’ve been watching her progress for the past couple months,” Arredondo said. “I first heard about her when she did the filibuster, and I think she would do a lot of good for our state.”

Environmental science senior James Weaver said he would vote for Davis because her moral compass aligned with his.

“I think she represents everything that is aligned my moral compass, like education,” Weaver said. “She’s for a couple of policies that I’m not exactly for, like the death penalty, but it’s nice to have a shift away from previous regimes.”

Davis’ tour has three other scheduled stops in Dallas, Brownsville and San Antonio.