As course registration approaches, plan ahead

Clay Olsen

We are all counting down the days for the event that occurs every semester. An occasion that, on the surface, is the same for everyone, but its results could not be more different among students. Beginning Oct. 27, we will all be put into the same pit, and it is every man/woman for him/herself. It is what keeps you up at night, waiting for a consequence that you cannot prepare for, but one that we all must face. Registration.

At first it seems to be a fun experience browsing the course schedule and developing a future agenda that does not, and, most likely, will never exist. The day comes and you pull up the course schedule and registrar fifteen minutes before your registration time. You see a professor’s class you were trying to get in is closed. “Don’t freak out,” you tell yourself, “the other professor isn’t that bad.” Five minutes before the selection you are checking Facebook instead of hitting refresh. Thirty seconds; you hit refresh: it’s all gone. 

Every single class that you thought you would be in next semester are already having meet-and-greets scheduled for later that night and you are not invited. You scramble to get on a couple waitlists in which you are 12th behind 11 other desperate students who would sell their soul to get into the class. 

I suggest that you prepare for this madness and have several ideas for some quality electives to sign up for. When your core classes fill up or the elective that you wanted fills up, it is always good to have a back-up plan (or three). It is also a great time to sign up for a class that will give you a broader perspective on life and the world you live in. Take a class that sounds interesting but may be outside of your comfort zone. Electives are meant to be classes outside of your major that give you a more holistic education. Take advantage of this and take a class that will challenge you intellectually. I am not saying it has to be the hardest class you have ever taken. I am simply suggesting that you take a class that will expose your brain to new information and make you think.

College consists of many things: getting a degree, meeting people, having a ton of fun, etc. However, it is also a great time to take classes that expand your knowledge and understanding of the world outside of Austin. In handling registration, here are my words of wisdom: Hope for the best; prepare for the worst.

Olsen is a finance senior from Argyle.