Ecuadorian ambassador to the US visits campus

Ariana Guerra

Ecuador’s ambassador to the United States visited campus Friday to explore commercialization partnerships with UT and Ecuadorian business interests.

Hosted by the University’s IC2 Institute, the event allowed students to meet with Ambassador Nathalie Cely Suárez.

Suárez said both the U.S. and Ecuador can learn from each other with a stronger partnership.

“I admire the generosity of this citizens here,” Suárez said. “There are more than 1 million Ecuadorians in this country, and as I say, ‘I have a million reasons to get closer and move forward in the relationship.’”

Gregory Pogue, the interim deputy director at the IC2 Institute, said the University provides students the opportunity to specialize in certain areas.

“In the business school, UT has the top accounting program in the U.S., and they have a specialization in energy accounting that is also quite unique, much like the law school,” Pogue said. “This represents another specialization where accounting students learn to manage both partnerships and large company-based accounting principles which differ due to how structures of energy work.”

Pogue said one the institution’s goals is to improve international economic development.

“IC2 has been interacting with Ecuador for 12 years,” Pogue said. “We are looking to establish a broader relationship to promote entrepreneurship and launch engagement of new companies. This really links to a big goal the president has: to stop Ecuador from being just a raw product producer but produce finished goods. We think business engagement is critical, and students are the key.”

Suárez said she hopes international students make the most out of their experiences in Austin.

“Study, work hard and network,” Suárez said. “We need young multicultural global citizens like you will become, and we need many of you back home, so make sure you come back.”