Daily Texan provided platform for senior columnist to express ideas, opinions

Clay Olsen

Editor’s note: -30- columns present the chance for permanent staffers to say their final goodbyes to the paper.

What an amazing experience the past three and a half years have been. Coming to this University has allowed me to be involved in incredible things. I have had the privilege to serve in our government at the state and federal level; I have been a part of the leadership in a number of organizations here on campus and worked with amazing people. I was also given the opportunity to write for The Daily Texan as an opinion columnist. I am very thankful for all of these experiences and the positive impacts that they have given me.

In particular, writing for The Daily Texan has been tremendously rewarding. Those that know me well might all agree that I am a very opinionated and passionate person, and whether you agree or disagree with my views will probably determine whether you grant this a virtuous personal characteristic or not. Regardless, my role at The Daily Texan has allowed me to voice these opinions and improve my writing abilities. I have no doubt that my experience here will positively affect my professional career.

Through my involvement, I have been amazed by how hard The Daily Texan staff works every day to continue the paper’s legacy. Passionate students spend many hours making this professional newspaper. I want to specifically thank my editors for pushing me to develop and craft persuasive arguments that are firmly based on facts and solid reasoning. I have no regrets in accepting this position. It has been a great ride.


Olsen is a finance senior from Argyle. He has served as a senior columnist since August.