Design editor recalls favorite staff members since arrival at the Texan

Omar Longoria

“Well, now I want to die.”

Of course I don’t, but this classic Royal Tenenbaums line is a pretty accurate exaggeration of my feelings concerning my departure from The Daily Texan.

It’s been a long time, a lot longer than some of the staff who’ve known me this semester may think, and my weary bones will appreciate the rest, especially considering how calming graduating can be.

Ever since spring 2012, I’ve felt so welcomed by all the staff members I came into contact with at the Texan, even those I was a little scared of at first (here’s looking at you, Chris, Aleks, Audrey — stay sexy).

Vince, thanks for making me try out and telling me only positive things about working here. Tony, we all appreciated your pants. Ryan, we all loved your dog (R.I.P.). Hayley and Hannah, I feel like I really grew to know you both well, in and out of the Texan. G.A., you were always so avant suave.

To my first semester design peeps, Bobby, you ended up doing everything at the Texan (and well), but I always appreciated your vivid lifestyle the best. Natasha, I became better acquainted later on, but it was absolutely great warming up to each other (quite possible with two cold people), and I’m glad I did; you were a great contribution to the Texan and many things would be so different had it not been for your presence. Pu, mother to us all, you shepherded the photo team, the design team, the whole paper (we really tried to do something different!), all while staying as mysterious as you are. Kudos.

Jack, you came in fast but kept it smooth and proved that a “long hair, don’t care” (OK, whatever) attitude can be really great. When you’re around, the office is filled with great tunes and great laughs. Woof woof!

Hirrah and Jenny, from “the Westlake girls” to some of my favorite people, you’ve always known how to fill a room with only the best. You know how I feel. 

To the current design team: I see you every week; I love it every week.

Every semester has had its team, and I’ve loved them all. Elyana, repping the Pecos; Kristine, shoe gaze, more like amaze; Audrey, incredible humility; Aleks, unrivaled wit (I’m going to need a mop); Trey, enjoyably jocular; Shabab, running toward fires (in a long-sleeve tee).

Charlie, Shelby, Jonathan, everybody, stay chill, stay sharp.

Stefan, it was sweet working with you. Riley, stay sane. Brett, you’re a великий Совет. Jacob, you are so zany; you’re the best. Elisabeth, we broke your shell and out came someone as sweet and realistic as a vegan treat.

There are just too many of you, but I love you all in my own way. 

Was the Texan worth it? Has it changed my life? Are you all wonderful?