Friendly neighborhood associate photo editor says his goodbyes to DT Family

Jonathan Garza

Looking back at my freshman year, I never would have guessed I’d be where I am now. Throughout this crazy journey that is my life, photography found its way into my heart. The idea of being a journalist was far from imaginable, yet here I am, years later with a camera across my shoulder. 

The Daily Texan was a major stepping stone for me. I still remember being that anxious freshman who wanted to find a new family on campus. I also remember how badly it hurt to not get the job on my first tryout. Part of me wonders where I’d be today if I strayed away from journalism after that. Thankfully, I tried again and became an issue photographer my sophomore year. Soon after, there was no turning back, and I slowly worked my way up the ladder. Junior year, I joined permanent staff, and now, as a senior at UT, I write to you as the associate photo editor. Remember, this is all coming from the kid who never thought of pursing photography before. 

I’ve had some pretty crazy turnarounds in my life; this is one turnaround I will always cherish. I’d like to say the Texan has been nothing but good to me, but the truth is, it has been wonderfully merciless. It forced me to grow up, and in the best way. I had to leave my comfort zone and push my boundaries. Best of all, it gave me that new family I was looking for. I’ve made great friends here and met some amazing people along the way. Work was so fun that I found myself spending my free time in the office.

I wish I still had more time with the Texan, but I’ve had a good run. I’ll miss hearing Kyle shout Spider-Jon across the office to get my attention. I’ll miss Madlin and Nicole making silly poses every time I take photos of the news department. I’ll miss playing indoor football with Jacob, Elisabeth’s baked goods, Sarah’s jam sessions to Beyoncé and Amy’s reassurances that I’ll still live to work one more night.    

As much as I’d love to come back for my last semester to be the next photo editor, life seems to have other plans in store for me. I can’t tell what the future holds, but I know I will miss the Texan. I will miss my DT family, but I’ll be sure to stay in touch. After all, I’m always in the neighborhood.