Senior columnist appreciative of editors’ feedback, friends made at Texan

John Daywalt

Editor’s note: -30- columns present the chance for permanent staffers to say their final goodbyes to the paper.

If someone had asked me a year ago if I would ever work for a newspaper, I most likely would’ve laughed at them. It’s fascinating how things changed so quickly after the current editor-in-chief, Riley Brands, was elected by the student body, and he approached me with this opportunity. I follow current events closely, and have read The Daily Texan since I first set foot on campus, so it was something I simply could not turn down.

I want to personally thank all of my readers during my time with the Texan. Many of my favorite times were receiving emails and comments from readers on my columns. 

I secondly want to thank my fellow staff members at the Texan — many of whom I have become good friends with. It has been an extremely rewarding experience and I am positive my writing skills have improved immensely during this time. The biggest perk of writing for the Texan has been working with different associate editors providing feedback and suggestions for my columns. This is in stark contrast to writing and submitting a paper and simply receiving a grade from a professor or TA without much feedback, if any at all. 

I personally have no desire to continue writing columns after graduation, but for anyone even considering applying next spring, I would absolutely encourage doing so. 


Daywalt is a government senior from Copperas Cove. He has served as a senior columnist since June.