Two UT seniors continue to build Davenforth Investments and Davenforth Ventures

Madeline Goss

Running a business requires maintaining a tight schedule, but most business owners aren’t concerned with making an 8 a.m. economics class. But finance senior Bradley Roofner and rhetoric and writing senior Logan Brown don’t mind attending classes if it means they can still do what they love.

“We’ve found a way to skip all the stuff in the middle and jump to the stuff we enjoy,” Brown said.

Two years ago, Roofner and Brown launched their own hedge fund and venture capital group called, respectively, Davenforth Investments and Davenforth Ventures. They use clients’ money to invest in companies around Austin. 

When Roofner and Brown were freshmen, they met at an event for their Christian fraternity, Beta Upsilon Chi. One week later, they created their business HatTee. Roofner said the premise behind the company is to make the game of golf easier by providing a place to put golf tees on a hat. Their experience working on HatTee gave them contacts and a starting point for their more recent endeavors.  

Business honors junior Kade Thomas, an investor in Davenforth, said he has no doubt the company will succeed.

“Davenforth Ventures is a relatively new company, but the people running it are far beyond their years,” Thomas said. “I feel honored to have gotten involved in the early stages.” 

Despite his age, Brown said he thrives under the variation each week brings and the competitiveness of the investment industry.

“It’s one of the most competitive industries there is, so we really like to challenge ourselves and compete,” Brown said. “Everything else just seems really boring compared to competing on that kind of level.”

Roofner said they want to make money, so they can give it away to charity to set an example for others.

“A big mission of ours with the hedge fund is to kind of show a different way of living to the people in the financial services community,” Roofner said. “It’s an industry that’s got a big problem with greed and opulence.” 

The two said they are driven by their faith and see their work as part of a greater calling.

“Bradley and I believe we were put together for a purpose,” Brown said. “It’s beyond just making money and even beyond giving it away.”

Since their freshman year, the two have bonded over the common goal of charity for a greater purpose. Brown said they have become extremely good friends and spend most of their time together. 

“I’ve never seen or read about any partnership in the world quite like Bradley and I’s,” Brown said. “It’s really unique that we have a kind of selflessness when it comes to each other that we’ve aimed for. We are always willing to sacrifice for one another.” 

After graduation, the two plan to remain in Austin and build upon Davenforth Investments and Davenforth Ventures. They plan to invest in startups to help generate jobs in the Austin area, Roofner said.

“I plan on working with Bradley until I die, until one of us buries the other,” Brown said.