Women’s health story headline concerns UT writer

Margaret Cotrofeld

I am concerned about the accuracy of a front-page headline in Friday’s paper: “Texas Senate threatens to cut women’s health budget.” 

My question is not a political one, and not based on my politics.

However, as I read the article I am left with the question: Are they threatening to cut the budget? Or merely threatening to target established funds toward certain purposes? If the total amount invested in women’s health would not change, then they are not threatening to cut the budget. 

Further, the remark about CVS is off-target since CVS is a drug store chain, and not a comprehensive care facility.

Miscommunication and misdirection are not good reporting unless you are working for a disreputable publication. I think that The Daily Texan should follow the advice that it showed on page 2 of Friday’s issue, in bold: “You can’t say false things to sell your product, and that shouldn’t seem controversial or problematic” (Tamara Piety, Law professor at the University of Tulsa).

— Margaret Cotrofeld, technical writer and editor for the IC2 Institute.