Texas Revue organizers prepare for April show despite relocation to smaller stage

Austin Reynolds

Students who want to share their talents will take to a slightly smaller stage than usual this year during Campus Events + Entertainment’s annual Texas Revue.

Texas Revue, which will take place on April 11, is one of E+E’s largest events of the year. The Revue, a long-standing tradition re-established in 1995, provides a chance for local groups to perform for over 1,000 audience members. 

Planning and executing the event falls on Neha Srivastava, finance senior and chair of the Texas Traditions committee, and Haley Galloway, government junior and logistics officer for Texas Revue. Srivastava said maintaining the Revue’s prestigious spot as the largest talent show on campus involves new challenges each year. Srivastava said the main challenge this year has been the event’s relocation, because the Revue’s usual host, the Hogg Memorial Auditorium, is being renovated.

Both Srivastava and Galloway said moving the event from its typical location to the Perry Ballroom in the Union will involve a variety of minor setbacks. Galloway said one major problem is the difference of about 200 seats between the Hogg Memorial Auditorium and the Union. Galloway said, for the first time in Revue history, they expect to turn away audience members who arrive after the ballroom reaches capacity.  

Srivastava said she remains optimistic that a smaller stage will be an opportunity for creativity rather than a nuisance.

“Each Revue brings its share of new challenges,” Srivastava said. “The Hogg is a comfortable location for the event but usually limits [E+E] from really making the space our own. We now have an open ballroom space, which gives leeway for creating something original.”

The organizers narrowed down 31 different talent acts who tried out down to 13 performers but have not revealed the finalists yet. The selected performers will compete for the Revue’s $1,500 grand prize. Galloway said, this year, more individual and small music groups will be performing. 

Two types of acts perform during Texas Revue: solos and groups who compete with each other and an exhibition act. An exhibition act’s purpose is to entertain and alleviate anxiety during a competition, while the Revue judges deliberate on which act deserves the first place. Redefined Dance Company, a UT student organization composed of UT and non-UT students, is this year’s exhibition act.  

Fifth-year math senior Ramon Catindig, head director of Redefined Dance Company, said this is the sixth consecutive year the group is performing as the exhibition act.

Catindig described the atmosphere at the Texas Revue as a “home-game feel” and said the performance prepares the group for their competition season.

“It is eye-opening to realize how much talent UT has to offer,” Catindig said. “Performing for and among fellow students is always accompanied with a warm, supportive environment.”

Catindig said he sees the new venue as a challenge and an opportunity for his group to step up its game and pack the ballroom with a performance that is “sexy, sassy and buzzing with high-energy.” 

With the talent secured, Srivastava, Galloway and fellow E+E members are prepared for any troubles that might come their way. Srivastava and Galloway said they look forward to revealing the performers who will determine this Revue’s personality. 

“The nature of the show depends on the people who try out,” Galloway said. “The people make the show. [E+E] produces it.”

What: Texas Revue

When: April 11 at 7:00 p.m.

Where: Perry Ballroom in Union

Admission: Free