Seven booths to visit at the SXSW Interactive Trade Show


Photo Credit: Melanie Westfall | Daily Texan Staff

South By Southwest might be famous for its music and film offerings, but the festival is a well-known hot spot for the tech crowd as well. SXSW Interactive gives festival-goers the chance to get up close and personal with emerging technologies.

The Interactive Trade Show is a four-day event that features hundreds of exhibitors, ranging from tiny startups to multinational corporations. Any SXSW badge gets access to the trade show. The Daily Texan compiled a list of seven booths to visit. 


If you’ve ever wondered what your dog does all day when you’re away from home, WonderWoof has the answer for you. WonderWoof, the product of St. Louis-based company Wondermento, is a real-time dog tracker. The device delivers information to any location on a dog’s activities, reporting whether the dog is eating, playing or dreaming. WonderWoof also integrates with a social network so that members get updates on a friend’s dog as well. 


Violins are famously difficult instruments to learn to play. Jamit, part of Samsung’s C-Lab acceleration program, aims to smooth the steep violin learning curve. Jamit combines a tablet app and a violin accessory, creating an interactive practice space for beginner violinists.


There are plenty of smart music libraries and social networks on the market, but the DJ-51 takes a fresh approach to sharing music. To create a miniature social network, DJ-51 syncs all Spotify libraries within a small physical space and then compiles playlists based on music that all members of the network enjoy. The group playlist lasts until the last member leaves the area.


A team of developers from Stockholm, Sweden, created the Plotagon app. Plotagon lets writers bring their stories to life at no cost by allowing users to customize 3-D animated videos using user-supplied scripts. Writers can choose from a wide variety of character looks, scene settings and music.

Eye Sea I See

Tokyo Denki University’s IWAI lab developed “Eye Sea, I See,” a small sensor ball that can be dropped into marine environments. The device offers humans a peek at underwater life. The ball streams real-time video, photographs, locations and water-temperature information to any tablet or smartphone.


Scanalytics is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the company specializes in producing technology for intelligent store spaces. The company equips shop floors with sensors that measure and analyze consumer patterns, providing store owners with information about foot traffic and buyer habits.

Free-Hand Click

Japanese company JUICE DESIGN will exhibit its new system — the Silhouette/Skeletal User Interface. The interface eliminates devices such as remotes or touchscreens. Instead, the users manipulate items on a computer screen by making hand gestures and touching their own palms.