The Daily Texan’s Guide to Surviving RoundUp

Kat Sampson

This weekend is Texas Relays, which means elite athletes from across the country come to Austin to run — but the true test of endurance will happen outside of Mike A. Myers Stadium. As anyone with Greek letters sharpie-d on their arms can attest, the real athletes this weekend are the ones attending RoundUp. The three-day party requires physical and mental stamina rivaling that of an Olympian. Here are The Daily Texan's tips for maximizing your RoundUp experience.

1. Hydration is critical. And we do mean critical.

You're a college student — you know this — but this weekend, drinking water is particularly important. With temperatures in the mid 80s all weekend and minimal cloud coverage, you’ll be sweating at a higher rate, and, let's be honest, alcohol is dehydrating anyway. Don't pass out at a frat house. Drink some water.

In terms of the delivery method, don’t use a fancy Camelback water bottle or expensive Nalgene, because it will inevitably get lost in the mosh pit. Stick with recyclable plastic water bottles you wouldn’t be devastated losing.

2. A fanny pack is a girl's best friend.

We send a collective “thank you” to the fashion gods for bringing this staple back. The fanny pack is a RoundUp attendee’s best friend. Keep all the essentials safe within its polyester confines: cash money, student id, driver’s license, phone, phone charger, stickers, temporary tattoos and granola bars.

If you are a RoundUp newbie, the first click of the fanny pack’s buckle might cause temporary embarrassment. Disregard any irrational fears or flashbacks and march on.

3. Whataburger is your new home.

If you don’t like Whataburger, suck it up, because it’s likely you will spend a better part of Friday or Saturday waiting in line for a honey butter chicken biscuit. Lean in, embrace it, do whatever you need to do to wrap your heads around this: Whataburger will be your home base for the next two days.

The fast-food franchise a couple blocks north of most of the action, making it a prime getaway. Whataburger has it all: a fairly reliable bathroom, cheap food and air-conditioning.

4. Apply sunscreen. Liberally.

With a zero percent chance of rain, you will get a sunburn if you don’t appropriately prepare. Physical and mental exhaustion are reasonable prices to pay after three straight days of partying. A total-body sunburn to the core is not.

5. Buy a disposable camera for all those moments you might not remember.

Disposable cameras kill two birds with one stone: You'll save needed phone battery life by not taking pictures, and your developed images will come pre-filtered, no editng required.

Keep a disposable camera in your fanny pack for easy accessibility. You never know when you’ll be pulled on stage during a c-list rapper’s performance for a photo opp. The best part about disposable cameras? The battery never dies, and water damage is negligible.

Not sure how to plan your RoundUp schedule? Here are five must-see performances. 

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