Men’s basketball prices rise 7 percent for 2015–2016 season

Evan Berkowitz

To watch new head coach Shaka Smart and his signature “havoc” style of play, it is going to cost a little bit more. All basketball season tickets have risen by an average of 7 percent with this latest price increase.

Consistent with the 6-percent pricing increase at the Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium for football season tickets, the biggest increase in prices will be for those at center court. Seats in these sections will cost $715 for renewing ticket holders and $750 for new customers, in addition to a contribution of at least $2,500 to the Longhorn Foundation.

“What we’re trying to become is consistent across all our sports,” Steve Hank, Texas’ senior associate athletic director and chief revenue officer, said to the Austin American-Statesman.

As the seats become less desirable, the prices become cheaper. A person can pay $485 without a contribution to sit in the lower bowl and $465 after contribution to renew upper-deck seats near midcourt.

“In the areas where we have the greatest demand, we are asking those who have the most valuable seat locations to invest accordingly,” Hank said to the Statesman.

While there is a significant hike in prices for better seats, Texas will also offer a new entry-level season ticket in the upper deck behind the baskets for $99 without a contribution. This is similar to the $199 option in the top deck of the north endzone for football games.

Although there are new contribution requirements, longtime season ticket holders locked into a lower contribution requirement will be grandfathered in. 

Last year, Texas averaged more than 11,000 fans a game, as athletic director Steve Patterson made significant efforts to improve the atmosphere at the Frank Erwin Center. 

Parking is not included with the season tickets and is available for purchase only for Longhorn Foundation members with annual contributions of at least $50. 

The deadline to order is May 21 and can be done at, where there are also specifics ticket prices and contributions for all sections.