Don’t steal Uber/Lyft rides at night

I am not and have never been a UT student, but as a Texas native, I’ve always cheered the Longhorns and have great respect for our state’s flagship university. 

Now as an Uber/Lyft driver, I feel like I’m part of the University in a small, gratifying way, particularly on Thursdays as I loop between West Campus and Sixth Street all night long. 

The vast majority of students I ferry are wonderful people with great energy who enable me to vicariously recapture my younger days. However, as the night ends, there is a consistent few who disgrace UT by trying to steal Uber/Lyft rides. 

It works like this: A group jumps in your car, looks at the ride request name on your phone, a person then says that is them and urges you to head toward West Campus. 

I’ve had this happen to me once a night for the past three Thursdays. While these ride thieves have never succeeded with me, it wastes my time, it is a disrespectful attempt to steal from your fellow Longhorns and it sullies the reputation of your world-class  University.

— Paul Martinez, an Uber/Lyft driver in Austin.