Associate managing editor thankful for the Texan

Danielle Brown

I think for the first time in my short editing career I don’t know where to start. Usually stories come to me already written, and I don’t have to take on the difficult task of actually writing a story — I just snip, cut, re-word, curse, ask a billion questions, Google search, remove oxford commas, repeat and move on. 

Already I would say, “This lede is too long” and “Streamline the lede and put the rest in the nutgraph,” but this is my column and dammit I will do what I want. 

As a copy editor, I saw myself as a vigilante fact-checker, who would not rest until I found confirmation that yes, this person exists, and that is indeed the job title they had in 1989. 

As an associate news editor, I used fear tactics and threats until my reporters gave me a story with at least 390 words and at least three sources.  

Finally, during my time as the associate managing editor, I got to take a step back and admire the good work done by the hardworking people at The Daily Texan. And also play a lot of ping pong. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the people that make The Daily Texan possible.

To the reporters: Thank you for letting me throw you to the wolves time and time again. Thank you for running towards the bomb threats instead of away from them, especially when you had a test
that morning. 

To the photographers: Thank you for biking, running, driving and illegally parking your car to get the perfect shot. 

To the editors: Thank you for missing out on sleep, for keeping your cool when a story falls through or when you’d wake up to 200 text messages from reporters. 

To the advertisers: Thanks for giving us your money. 

To the readers: Thank you for reading our stories. Thank you for coming to our website or picking up a copy of the paper — and not just for the coupons. 

To Brett: Thank you. 

To the people who will replace me: There is great power with editing. And with great power comes great responsibility. 

Goodnight, and good luck.