Horns Up, Horns Down: August 3

Horns Down: Leaving Bevo at home

A new football season is always a time of great optimism, but we have a reason not to smile at the first game of the season. While the Longhorn football team is looking to start the season strong against Notre Dame in early September, an invaluable member of our team was unacceptably not extended an invitation. With the news that Bevo will not be allowed to attend our game against the Fighting Irish, all good Longhorns should feel a personal sense of betrayal. Our emblematic mascot will have to content himself with catching the game on the couch with his buddies in Austin.

Horns Up: Bipartisan support seeks justice in Sandra Bland case

On July 30, the House County Affairs Committee rightfully grilled representatives of the Department of Public Safety following the controversial death of Sandra Bland in a Waller County Jail. Bland was pulled over and arrested from a traffic stop, stemming from failure to use a turn signal while changing lanes. Both Democrats and Republicans unified in the meeting to criticize the capricious and possibly racist policies that lead to this tragedy.

Horns Up: Blackboard played offstage

After a long and arduous countdown spanning multiple years, this will be the first full semester at UT in the post-Blackboard era. From now on, the only online tool that professors may use to conduct and supplement their classes will be Canvas. Obviously, we have had some trepidation concerning this bold move, but we believe it will ultimately be in the University’s best interests to make such a big leap – after all, it sure took them long enough.