Horns Up, Horns Down: first day of school

Horns up: The prodigal son returns…

Welcome back, Blue Bell. The beloved creamery reported last week that their plants have begun test runs, and all signs point to Blue Bell returning to grocery shelves by the end of the month. After four months and one sweltering summer, the cold treat will first return to Brenham, where Blue Bell was first manufactured, then to Houston and Austin, and finally to the rest of its normal distribution range. We’ve missed you, old friend.

Horns down: … But not to the 40 Acres

As previously reported by the Daily Texan, Blue Bell will not be returning to campus soon. Department of Housing and Food Services director Rene Rodriguez expressed concern that the university would not be refunded following the recall of Blue Bell in April. UT was eventually refunded, but DHFS is not currently planning to resume contracts with Blue Bell, despite its popularity. However, students can still sample the variety of ice creams DFHS does sell, or go off-campus for their preferred dessert needs.

Horns up: Striking back against campus carry

Despite its lack of urgency in addressing some serious concerns, the new administration has made a laudable effort to respond to and incorporate student voices in important university decisions. Given the strong consensus against campus carry shared by students, faculty, and administrators, it makes to try bringing those groups together in pursuit of a unified response.

Horns down: “Conscious Uncoupling:” Bureaucracy Edition

The words we use to describe things matter. Campus carry is an urgent issue that affects all facets of life on campus, even if the magnitude of its impact is still unclear. So what exactly is a working group, how did its participants get selected, and what does the University hope it will accomplish? Will it function any differently than a task force or a committee? At this point, all we know is that its name sounds like the politically correct term for a chain gang.