Survey ranks UT 13th most desirable school in the country

Audrey Browning

More than 2,000 students ranked UT the 13th most desirable school in the country, according to a recent survey conducted by LTG Exams.

UT is the fourth most desirable state school to attend, according to the survey. Completed by a group of aspiring college students who used a test preparation website, Prep4SAT, the survey assigned rankings to the students’ top choice schools.

English sophomore Ashley Magenheimer said UT ranks highly because the vast population of the state gives the school expansive resources and greater opportunity than smaller states.

“Texas has the opportunity to create great things to be reckoned with,” Magenheimer said. “I’m not surprised it ranked so highly.”

Journalism freshman Alyssa Quiles said she chose UT over other state schools because of the sense of community and extracurriculars the campus offers to students.

“UT has always been my number one choice,” Quiles said. “It felt right to be here, like I had come home.”

The Dean of Students survey said 85 percent of prospective students said the location of UT was very important to them.

“The location was kind of important to me, even though I’m studying a lot,” Magenheimer said. “Right off campus you can get the Austin feel.”

Nutrition sophomore Emily Rogers said she transferred to UT from a community college because UT offers research opportunities that will help her to open her own consulting firm in the future.

“My career goal in life is to open my own consulting firm and consult those diagnosed as pre-diabetic,” Rogers said. “UT offers a coordinated program which would allow me to complete my [registered dietician certification] and internship hours within my Bachelor’s degree in dietetics.”

Journalism freshman Cassandra Chrostowski said she wished UT offered a series of lectures from alumni and local professionals who can share real-life experience at both UT and in the Austin workforce.

The survey comes on the heels of other studies that show UT has become more prominent in Texas, and nationwide. According to a study done by the Dean of Students in 2011, 95 percent of first-year students said the reputation of UT was very important to them. The Princeton Review’s “Colleges that Pay You Back” list ranks UT No. 19 in the country because it offers a good return on investment after graduation.