Senior Brady Turnbull ready for more than running in final year

Tyler Horka

With only one year left to train and compete on the 40 Acres, senior track and cross country runner Brady Turnbull continues to elevate his aspirations both on and off the track.

Turnbull came to Texas four years ago with an athletic résumé loaded with accolades from his high school career in Frisco. In his junior and senior seasons in high school, Turnbull claimed regional championships in cross country, in addition to a second overall finish in the state cross country meet his senior year.

At Texas, Turnbull has continued to excel, most notably in track and field events as a distance runner; however, perhaps his biggest accomplishment was not obtained on the track but in the classroom.

“I’m pretty goal-oriented,” Turnbull said. “After stepping on campus my freshman year, it was my goal to get into McCombs [School of Business]. I was aware of how competitive McCombs is and immediately decided it was where I want to learn.”

After two semesters on campus, Turnbull had the credentials to enroll in the business classes he previously dreamed of. The same competitive flare that drives Turnbull academically pushes him athletically.

“Being a runner, it’s not your lack of ability or skill that keeps you from being successful,” Turnbull said. “It’s how hard you train everyday and your discipline.”

Turnbull credits his overall work ethic and dedication to taking care of his body for triumphs on the track. Similarly, he credits his self-control and determination for attaining desired scholastic goals.

“Seeing that connection is very easy from a training standpoint,” Turnbull said. “Your coaches and teammates support you, but at the end of the day, it’s just you and your running. It’s the same way in the classroom. Your teachers and classmates might support you, but it’s you that takes the test.”

While self-reliance plagues college students as one of the most demanding skills necessary to acquire upon moving away from home, Turnbull remains unperturbed by the pressure that comes with being a student athlete.

“I can only control myself,” Turnbull said. “In certain situations, it’s all on me.”

As his time competitively running at Texas comes to a close, Turnbull said running has helped prepare him for his future off the track.

“Running helps me in everything I do,” Turnbull said. “Working within a team, I can’t force anyone to do anything, but I can help lead them in the right direction. It will be similar when working with my peers in the workplace.”