Forum: Student theatre fosters community, collaboration and growth

Foot in the Door has greatly impacted my college experience for the better because it allowed me to continue pursuing my passion for theatre without actually majoring in it.

My grandmother fostered my love of theatre at an early age; she was a season ticket holder for several local theatres and always brought me along to various plays and musicals. I took theatre classes as electives in grade school whenever they were available, and continued to pursue acting opportunities through local theatre troupes.

While I always admired actors, I found that my talents were best suited for the technical aspect of theatre. In high school, I joined the theatre department at the start of my freshman year. Participating in my school’s theatre department shaped my high school experience; I made the majority of my friends through theatre, I spent more time with my “theatre family” than my actual family, and it gave me a place to unwind from the stresses of academics. I stage-managed all four years of high school and seriously considered making a career of it.

I joined Foot in the Door because while I chose not to major in theatre, I still wanted it in my life. Foot in the Door has given me the sense of community I valued so much in high school. It also allowed me to try new aspects, such as directing, in a fun, collaborative environment. The memories I have made in Foot in the Door remain some of my favorite memories of my years at the University of Texas. Most importantly, the friendships Foot in the Door has brought me have made my past two years in college the best years of my life.

Fazzino is a history and French junior from College Station.