Horns Up, Horns Down: September 23

Horns up: Austin police enforcing “Don’t Block the Box”
APD is moving their “Don’t Block the Box” campaign to busy streets near the University in an effort to decrease the number of traffic-related accidents. When a car blocks the box, not only are students unable to safely cross the street without veering into a potentially congested intersection, but the driver is also breaking the law. It is the University’s responsibility to provide a safe environment for learning, and APD is helping to make that a reality.

Horns up: Jerrod Heard breaks out in second start
Texas football lost its second game of the season Saturday against UC-Berkley, but it wasn’t all bad news. Redshirt freshman Jerrod Heard led a spirited fourth-quarter comeback, breaking UT’s record for single-game total yardage in the process. Even Vince Young is on board.

Horns up: UT System taking sexual assault seriously
President Greg Fenves announced via email Monday that UT Austin will be a lead participant in a four-year-long study of sexual assault on all its campuses. Noël Busch-Armendariz, director of UT Austin’s Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and associate dean for research in the School of Social Work, will lead the study. Now it’s up to those orchestrating the survey to ensure that the study will reveal information we don’t already know.

Horns down: College is still unsafe for women
This problem will not be solved in four years. The Association of American Universities released a comprehensive study Monday — the same that prompted Fenves to send an email — revealing that, on average, one in four women have been sexually assaulted during her time in college. Of the UT women who responded to the survey, 18.5 percent reported being sexually assault during her time in college.