Let’s Drink to That: The Red River Rivalry drinking game

Nick Castillo

Saturday is the day when Texas students and fans travel to Dallas with plans of consuming large amounts of fried foods and alcohol.

After Texas’ 1-4 start, the Longhorn faithful might require the numbing effects of alcohol while watching the Red River Showdown against No. 10 Oklahoma. An 11 a.m. kickoff is an early start for day drinking, but is there anything better than watching a game and drinking a beer? No, didn’t think so either.

In honor of quarterback Case McCoy – the last quarterback to beat Oklahoma – here are six things to drink for during the Red River Showdown.

Disclaimer: The Daily Texan is not responsible for alcohol poisoning, as this is supposed to be a fun way to spend your time watching the Red River Showdown. We do not condone sending unwanted text messages or anything you might regret the next day. Please drink responsibly.

1. State Fair food

If the ABC or ESPN cameras show the Texas State Fair’s variety of fried foods, be prepared to take a drink. Shots of the crazy food concoctions – chicken-fried lobster, deep-fried alligator and fried Thanksgiving dinner – are almost a guarantee.

2. Confused Charlie Strong

Confused Charlie Strong has become a household image after Texas’ four losses this season. If Strong is seen with arms up confused or looking at one of his players with concern, go ahead and take a shot.

3. Defense gives up a big touchdown

Texas’ defense has struggled this season, and it may have already driven you to drinking. Against TCU, the Longhorns gave up multiple big plays en-route to a 50-7 loss. If Texas’ defense finds a way to give up yet another big play, chug your drink.

4. ‘Fire Charlie Strong’ talk

Texas’ horrendous start has the ‘fire Strong’ dialogue running wild. ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith said the Longhorns should part ways with the embattled head coach. But boosters say his job at Texas is safe. Despite Strong’s job security, he’s likely to get some coverage during the game broadcast. If the announcers or sideline reporters mention the noise around Strong getting fired, grab yourself another beer.

5. Special teams mishap

Texas’ special teams unit is a blunder with missed extra points, poor punt snaps and missed field goals. If the Longhorns’ special teams mess up against Oklahoma, finish your drink.

6. Texas goes three-and-out

Texas’ offense has sputtered along this season with three-and-outs aplenty. If the Longhorns’ three-and-outs continue against the Sooners, only take a sip of your drink — this might happen early and often.