It Was a Touchdown wins intramural championship

Rachel Greenspan

Whitaker Field was crowded with fans Wednesday night who watched “It Was a Touchdown” take on the “Dirty Sacks” in the 2015 UT coed ‘A’ flag football championship. It Was a Touchdown took the title 15-12 on a game-winning touchdown pass from quarterback Davis Kinville.

There was no score for a majority of the first half until the Dirty Sacks intercepted the ball, leading to a touchdown drive. It Was a Touchdown remained scoreless at the end of the half despite advancing downfield. 

On the second possession of the first half, It Was a Touchdown completed three passes to get up the field. They eventually scored on a touchdown catch from receiver Connor Davis, who went on to score the game-winning touchdown as well.

“Nothing tops this,” coach Kyle Jamis said. “These guys are the best since Vince Young.”

The Dirty Sacks took back the lead with a 30-yard touchdown pass on the next possession.  In the final minutes of the game, It Was a Touchdown completed a 40-yard pass to put them in scoring position and went on to score the game-winning touchdown on fourth down.

This was the team’s second year together, and they are happy with accomplishing their goal of a championship. 

“We felt confident going into the game, but knew it would be tough,” Noah Kehinde said.  “We’ve been on a mission since we got eliminated last year and although having to overcome a few injuries this year, it has been an amazing comeback season.”