Senior photographer says so long

Thalia Juarez

I remember walking around the HSM building for a good while before I finally found the sign on the door that led me to the dark dingy basement known as the Daily Texan office. The photo editor at the time informed me I had to try out in order to be a staff photographer. As soon as I heard the word “try out” I came up with a million excuses in my head to not do it, and I didn’t. Now as a senior photographer the only regret I have is not trying out sooner. In the short time that I’ve been here I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone for what seems like every time I went out to shoot. I’ve gotten the opportunity to go to various events, places, rallies, and meet and photograph an immense variety of people. Thank you to my photo editors for waiting on me to write my detailed two sentence captions that would end up getting cut anyway and for answering my endless amount of questions on editing nights.